Wet Location Lighting

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Incon Lighting‘s Wet Location ceiling fixtures are professional grade light fixtures with an array of available options and lightbulb types.

These fixtures are either UL or CSA listed for wet locations.

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Incon Lighting 804 Series Landscape Lighting Pagoda


Incon Lighting 805 Series Landscape Lighting CFL Flood

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Incon Lighting’s From-the-Ground section covers all the landscape application bases you need for commercial and residential projects. Our Bollards are great to line high-traffic walkways around buildings, public parks and other landscaped areas. The Post Mount Lighting section has a wide selection of lamp post top fitters, globes, and acorn style enclosures with various options like decorative finials, dark sky attachments, and defusers. Our Area Lighting section has an array of fixtures perfect for lighting decorative building facades, sculptures, exterior signs and billboards.

A new addition to our area lighting selection is our halogen fixtures that come in a variety of styles. All of these fixtures come with a landscape spike to plant them into grass, mulched areas, sand and more!


Incon Lighting’s wet location listed light fixture collection is a grand assortment of lighting products for indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, & industrial applications. With lighting options ranging from Compact Fluorescent (CFL), Fluorescent Tube, & Halogen to Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium & Pulse Start lamps; we are certain that we can provide the right choice for your needs.

Our fixtures can be custom painted an assortment of colors, be fitted with options like high power factor, EnergyStar rating, photocells, kelvin color temperatures, flicker free lamps, name brand ballasts and lamps and much more! Most of out products are American Compliant which means most of the manufacturing if not all has been done here in the United States providing jobs here.

Feel free to click any of the images above to learn more about that fixture. The top ones with blue text are ceiling fixtures, the middle (orange) are wall fixtures, and the bottom (green) are from the ground post mount and area lighting solutions.