How to Order Light Fixtures

Here is our ordering logic matrix sheet from our 2012 catalog. This PDF breaks down how you can choose what fixture, lens type, finish, wattage, & any additional available options for your fixture like CFL kelvin color temperature, 277 Volt Ballast, name brand bulbs and ballasts for Philips Advance, Osram Sylvania, and Universal Lighting Technology, Photocells, Reflectors, Wet Location Listing, Dimming Ballast, Convenience Outlets, EnergyStar Rating, and more.

Our product numbers reflect all of these options from left to right. For example a 1431564Z50KPL is a 143 Series Linear Ceiling Fixture with a white lens, black finish with 2 32 Watt F32T8 Philips Lighting Linear Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs with a 5000K Full Spectrum Color Temperature.