Video Tutorial: How to install a street light and wire a replacement post top fitter

  1. It is very important to make sure that the power is shut off at the breaker or the breaker is removed. Connect black power wires using a UL approved wire connector (not supplied with most fixtures) You can get them in a pack for very cheap at places like home depot, lowes, and radio shack. You will need 3 of them for this task.
  2. Connect white neutral wires using a UL approved wire connector.
  3. Connect green ground wires using a UL approved wire connector.
  4. Tuck all wires into the lamp post (or pole)
  5. Finger tighten set screws (this model has 3) to center the base onto the post.
  6. Finish tightening with a hand held manual screw driver. This one uses Philip’s head screws (+) Do NOT use a power drill as it will strip the screws and base.
  7. At this point you can install your light bulb to the post top fitter’s socket base. This one is a medium E26 screw base on a high pressure sodium (HPS) HID (High Intensity Discharge) light bulb. Be sure to screw it snug, but not to hard.
  8. Once light bulb is in you can place your globe over the base. To get both clamps under the lip of the globe you will need to tilt the globe to one side to get the first clamp under, then move towards the opposite site and the other clamp will pop under with a push from your finger. They have springs under them to assist in this as well as keeping space vertically for easier installation.
  9. Once globe is on you will need to screw the clamps down underneath the base again with a Philip’s head screw driver (+) and NOT a power drill as it will strip the screws and base.

If you would like to purchase this post top street lamp it is available from Incon Lighting.