277 Volt Ballast Option Phasing Out For Some Wattages

All Incon Lighting fixtures with 13 Watt GX23 (i) that had the 277 (277 Volt Ballast) option in the printed 2012 catalog will no longer have it soon. We currenly have a few of the ballasts in stock however we do not plan to continue to offer it.

This includes the following wattages:

  • 13 – (1) 13W GX23 (i)
  • 26 – (2) 13W GX23 (i)
  • 39 – (3) 13W GX23 (i)
  • 52 – (4) 13W GX23 (i)

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to have one of our fixtures built with this wattage option as if you wait, it might not be available.